Until it Lands EP

by Tyson Motsenbocker

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released November 8, 2010



all rights reserved


Tyson Motsenbocker Solana Beach, California

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Track Name: Empty 25
The storm began as we held our hands
in the mountain mining town
While the bachelor sang and the dealors rang
and the slot machines lit up the night

Cash in hand flows like Rio Grande
One by one discretion falls
We all knew Dionysius lieu
Young wedding coming morn

Down we flew don unconscious you
return to chapel town
follow snowplows wrath as it bore our path
to bring you to your bride

The groomsman called and told us all
to keep our spirits high
sing the snow outside as it flurried high
and the bride sweats bullets in white

Handsome men trim abandonment
With silver cans piled high
And the snowflakes grew and some guests pull through
and we prepare to spend the night

Two by two guard I do, I do
to stand fore God and man
And the window sills mass like ribbon frills
purer than atonements lamb

I watched your wedding
on a stormy night
I watched her father say "her mother and I"
We drove you to the Broadmoor on the empty 25
I watched your wedding on a stormy night

We left you while the bell rang two
standing at the door
goodbye we say while we drove away
from a most momentous eve
Track Name: Always Leaving You Behind
Morning ride to the airport
Through the driving snowfall
The winter weather
I'm headed southbound
She held my sweater, she told me Tyson
You're always leaving me behind

She's holed up North now
My longest love is
She's tied for babies, they're in her bloodstream
But she quit waiting when she discovered
I'm always leaving her behind

But I told her with sincere intent
That the moment was coming
I could dig my fingers in
She held tight in belly
knowing that I would never stay
Until I found someone
Who I could take away
Track Name: Until it Lands: Part I
Down the coast in little mexico
Is where I hid from your disease
My little sister moved back home from the city
And it rained and rained and rivers ran the streets

You told me dying is not what people think
Not like an ending in the books we love to read
It's more like finding that the ocean meets the sea
and there's no line, in between

I still need you
We still need you

From Coulee dam to the plains in Wyoming
Australia is reeling in back far in your wake
and at our house the coyotes are howling
wondering if this would be the end of roads

At 23 you rode your bike from Seattle
over to Boston at the age that I am now
I still remember the evening that your mother died
You were talking to your sister by the stairs.

I still need you
We still need you

1964 you lost your father
to a drunken handed man behind the wheel
And now I'm wrestling with a drunken handed God
waving bullets at the best person I know
Track Name: Until it Lands: Part II
Sun shines
Through Ponderosa pines
and the fire escape
Is the best way down

A few short miles from the ghost trees in Monterey
Walk through the forest in a straight line
I called Jake from my home in San Diego
And he had bought a ring

I stand on holy ground
On the 14th floor of the hospital
And when you came out of the operating room
you sang a familiar tune
And we held hands to thank the lamb
that you'd made it through

In the original plan
When God made man
When God made man
In the original plan
When God made man
He was more like you

A few short miles from the snow ghosts
on Schweitzer Mountain
My mother had a surgery in June
And I called her from Rosebowl in Pasadena
And she was feeling well

A few short miles from the wheat fields in Idaho
My mother had a surgery in June
I called her again from the PCH near Santa Barbara
And she had ridden her bike
Track Name: Lie Down and Die
I still walk by
Your house sometimes
There's a stained glass window
In your front door

I still paint pictures in my mind
of you living room sometimes
It's looking out over so
Many long long winters

So why did I lie down and die
While you were standing loyal by my side

I picked you up outside
Your little house in California
You looked out the window
with your sad, sad eyes

You said the world is changing
and I have stayed the same
that's the worst of it
maybe we both changed
We just made our way
to be opposite

Somehow my dear it seems to me
that you and I we used to be so innocent
And I said love it's time to leave
and you stood up and you said Please
Don't go

But I still went away
Maybe I never believed that much anyway

So I stood by and watched you die
While you were lying helpless by my side